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Marketing Statement Of Ethics

1. Websites include Freedom Healthcare Of America LLC in the “Contact” or “About Us” sections, as well as the Privacy Policy.

2. If someone calls our admission center, but is actually looking to connect with the listed treatment center, we will either connect them with the center or provide them with information to do so.

3. There are no posted negative comments or messages about our competitors on review sites, local search sites, business directories, web directories, or social media. Positive communication is always emphasized in all our social media properties.

4. We do not fabricate reviews or create pretend alumni or staff of listed treatment centers. Legitimate reviews are valued and used exclusively.

5. We do not bid for competitor trademarked names, and only bid for our own names.

6. We do not affiliate with treatment centers or other companies that violate our code of ethics. Affiliates must abide by our ethical values and standards.

7. No content is ever stolen from other sources. We work hard to produce original, informative, and relevant content.

8. We only focus on getting legitimate clicks, and never make fraudulent clicks on competitor display ads.

9. We never create fake physical locations to have better local rankings in search. The only locations created online are for our properties in their exact geographical locations.

10. We pay for the rights of any videos or images we use, and never infringe on copyrighted materials.

11. No personal contact information is shared without permission, and will only do so if permission is explicitly granted.

Questions About Prescription Drug Addiction?

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Questions About Prescription Drug Addiction?